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About Us

Cuernavaca’s Grill is a Family and Hispanic-Owned Restaurant, best known for serving the most delicious authentic Mexican food in the Flower District and Santee Alley – the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown LA.

Cuernavaca’s Grill was founded in the early 2000s by Marcos and Maria Mendoza, first-generation Mexican immigrants that came to the US looking for the American Dream and a better future for their families. Marcos fell in love with culinary arts, managed a chain of restaurants, and later decided to open a place of his own, where he could bring a little bit of home to his community through traditional family recipes from his beloved México.

After 16 years, Cuernavaca’s Grill is a staple in the LA culinary scene, now run by Nayomie and Jackie, Marcos and María’s daughters. The Mexican Taquería and Grill is famous for its Fresh Authentic Mexican Cuisine, giving the community a taste of their native land and bringing authenticity and unity through freshly handmade Mexican dishes.

What better way to keep traditions alive than sharing our typical food with the world? When you eat at Cuernavaca’s, you’ll sure feel like you’re at home. Everything is made from scratch on-site, with fresh, high-quality ingredients and authentic recipes that will transport you straight to México in one bite.

Come by the restaurant in Los Callejones, and try the best authentic meat grill in all LA. The most exquisite platillos are waiting for you, ranging from Caldos, Carnitas, Burritos, Enchiladas, Home-made Chiles Rellenos, Chilaquiles, a great variety of Tacos —like the Jalapeño with chorizo, al Pastor, Shrimp Tacos, and much, much more! Have a genuine Mexican breakfast with some Huevos Rancheros, and of course, you can’t leave without tasting our family house specialty: the most incredible Mexican seafood in all LA is in Cuernavaca’s Grill!

The passion for Mexican food transmits to everything Cuernavaca’s Grill makes, and the most amazing part is you can get the best Mexican food delivered to your doorstep without moving a finger, or maybe just a finger 🙂

Place your order for Take-Out, Dine-In, or Delivery; you’ll thank yourself later!